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john starts playing skiffle

Saint Peter's Church garden fete, on July 6, 1957 is where john met paul the first time.
Left to right are Eric, Colin, Rod, John, Pete, and Len.





The "Quarry Men" skiffle group were John Lennon, (guitar and vocals), Peter Shotton (washboard), Eric Griffiths (guitar), Len Garry (bass), Rodney Davis (banjo)and Colin Hanton(drums).Bill Smith also played tea chest bass.Nigel Whalley and Ivan Vaughn also played tea chest bass. (at various times)

July 6, 1957: John Lennon meets Paul McCartney through their mutual friend, Ivan Vaughan at the Woolton Parish Church Fete.
1958 February 1958: George Harrison, age 15, joins the group.

1959 August 29, 1959: The Quarry Men, consisting of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ken Brown play at the Casbah.

October 1959: After seven gigs at the Casbah, Ken Brown leaves the group.






The Silver Beatles at the larry parnes audition with johnny hutch at drums.

The standard beat group format was three guitarists - lead, rhythm and bass - and drums with lead vocalist being actively supported by at least one other backing singer. They played at clubs like the Iron Door, the Jacaranda, the Casbah, the Blue Angel and the Cavern. The Cavern is the most famous now because The Beatles enjoyed a residency there in their early days. The scene also spilled over into larger halls like the Empire and St Georges. Outside Liverpool opportunities were limited, although a thriving scene was developing for the more adventurous groups like Tony Sheridan, Rory Storm and The Hurricanes and The Beatles in the thriving German port of Hamburg where the atmosphere was considerably more decadent. The groups were also required to work harder at venues like the Star Club, the Indra and the Kaiser Keller but the experience sent the bands back to Liverpool all the tighter and better for it.

now john plays rock and roll

In the old days a leather jacket, leather pants, and cowboy boots made you ready TEDDY. You were a real live TEDDY BOY.
You drank all night, danced all night, and tried to get it on all night.
If you were in a band you played all night.
Early Beatles were both Teddy Boy and band.

October 1959-January 1960: John, Paul, and George play as a trio, calling themselves Johnny & the Moondogs for a Carroll Levis audition.

1960 January 1960: Stuart Sutcliffe, a friend of John Lennon, joins the trio after selling one of his paintings and using the money to buy a bass guitar. The group then began to call themselves the Beatals.

May 1960: The band is joined by drummer Tommy Moore and change their name to the Silver Beetles. Moore played with them for a short time, during that time period they auditioned for Larry Parnes and appeared on a small tour of Scotland backing singer Johnny Gentle.

July 1960: Norman Chapman becomes the next drummer but was called up for National Service, this caused problems for the Silver Beetles that had dates booked in Hamburg, Germany, and were playing for Allan Williams at the Jacaranda Club and the New Cabaret Artistes Club. Williams also aquired other bookings for the band at the Grosvenor Ballroom. The band would once again change their name, this time to the Silver Beatles.

August 1960: Pete Best took over the drum seat and the name The Beatles was born. Between this date and December 1962, the group would play gigs at the Indra, Kaiserkeller, Top Ten and Star clubs.

December 27, 1960: After returning to Liverpool the Beatles played at Litherland Town Hall, prompting fan frenzy.

1961 Spring 1961: Stuart Sutcliffe quits the Beatles.


Alan Williams(Beatles first manager),Bertie(his wife),Harold Phillips alias-Lord Woodbine,Stuart Sutcliffe,Paul McCartney,George Harrison,and Pete Best

There were only three members in Johnny And The Moondogs. They were,John Lennon,Paul McCartney,and George Harrison.

Johnny And The Moondogs made their appearance on , 18 or 25 of October,on Mr. Starmaker it is most likely it was on Sunday 18 October. This time they were more successful than in 1957 and qualified for the local finals.

The local finals took place on Empire Theater, Liverpool on Monday 26-Saturday 31 October 1959. Johnny And The Moondogs appeared on at least two occasions in this period. They did not win the contest but qualified for the final auditions which were to be held in Manchester on Sunday 15 November 1959. The band which won the contest was The Connaughts. The Connaughts were ironically the same band that beat The Quarry Men in 1957. In 1957 they were called the Sunnyside Skiffle Group.

The final qualification round were held on Sunday 15 November 1959 on Hippodrome Theater in Manchester. Johnny And The Moondogs made a good performance but the final actual judging would first be conducted late in the evening. This meant that Johnny And The Moondogs would have to stay in Manchester until the next day. John and Paul had unfortunately not enough money to stay so long in Manchester and had to head home to Liverpool before the judging had started.

After this the band changed name to The Beatals and then to The Silver Beetles.



December 27, 1960: After returning to Liverpool the Beatles played at Litherland Town Hall, prompting fan frenzy.

1961 Spring 1961: Stuart Sutcliffe quits the Beatles.

November 1961: The Beatles meet Brian Epstein, who becomes their manager.

1962 January 1, 1962: Brian Epstein takes the band to an audition at Decca Records. The Beatles fail the audition. (However, Brian secures a contract with Parlophone Records)

January 4, 1962: A music paper called Mersey Beat polled readers about the top band in Liverpool, and the Beatles took highest honors.

June 6, 1962: The Beatles audition for George Martin, a producer at EMI. He signs them and becomes their producer throughout their career.

August 1962: Pete Best is fired from the Beatles and replacement Ringo Starr is added.

October 5, 1962: Their first single, 'Love Me Do' is released and is a modest hit.

1963 Beatlemania is born in Britain

The Silver Beatles,Johnny and The Moondogs,The Rainbows,Quarrymen and The Beatals(Beetles in some cases), and finally The Beatles.


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