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Stuart Sutcliffe was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on June 23, 1940. At 19, Stu was regarded as one of the most talented and promising students at the Liverpool Art College, when he met fellow art student John Lennon. All of the girls liked Stu because of his moody, romantic scowl, sunglasses, and resemblence to James Dean. Stu even lived like an artist, in a cramped, paint splattered house near the school. John lived there with Stu for a time, spending long nights drinking and sharing their passions for art.
When Stu sold a painting in 1959 for 65, an unheard-of sum for a student's painting in those days, John convinced him to buy a bass guitar and join the band, never mind that he couldn't play. Before their first big break, a two-week tour to Scotland backing Johnny Gentle, Stu is partially credited with coming up with the name Beatles, by jokingly suggesting "Beetles" as a play on Buddy Holly's Crickets. Back in Liverpool, violence was common at the shows they played at, and one night, after a show at Litherland Town Hall in the north of Liverpool, the Silver Beatles were ambushed as they made their way out into the car park to their van. In the fight, Stu went down and was kicked in the head. Later at home, still bleeding from the gash in his head, he refused to let his mother call a doctor.

While in Hamburg, Stu met Klaus Voorman, who introduced him to Astrid Kirchherr, and they quickly fell in love. Astrid changed Stu's clothes and gave him a new, distinctive hair style, which all the Beatles later adopted. While on their second Hamburg t rip, Stu started to study art again, at the Hamburg State Art College, where Astrid had studied, allowing him to quit the Beatles gradually. When the tour ended and the rest of the Beatles went back to Liverpool in 1961, Stu stayed in Hamburg with Astrid . Stu died on April 10, 1962, from a brain hemmorrhage, following a series of violent headaches. Ironically, the Beatles were to arrive the next day to start their third Hamburg tour.
i recieved this email from bill harry....
Although you have an interesting site, unfortunately you've continued to include some of the myths. Stuart Sutcliffe never got involved in a fight outside Litherland Town Hall, despite which Allan Williams might have written. The very first time they appeared at Litherland Town Hall was on their return from Germany in December 1960. Stuart remained in Germany and Chas. Newby played the gig. Then Paul began playing bass. Stu returned for one or two gigs in Liverpool then returned to Hamburg. Millie Sutcliffe and Neilsa Kirchherr both state that Stuar fell down the steps leading to the attic room he stayed in at Astrid's house and began to have headaches after that.
To indicate how these innacuracies are taken up - Philip Norman in 'Shout' imagines that  on hearing of Stuart's death, Millie Sutcliffe's mind went back to Litherland Town Hall three years before. Yet they had NEVER appeared at Litherland Town Hall three years before..and she never said that.
It is all false.
so you choose.....i believe bill that it never happened.thanks bill...






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Stu sang few songs,one he always did was Love Me Tender,which always went over well.

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